Finding the perfect location for a new industrial facility is one of the biggest decisions a company must make. Site selection decisions have long-lasting consequences and generally involve a painstaking process that takes months, if not years, to complete. Finding an existing structure or identifying a vacant parcel for new construction requires a review of many factors such as: location, topography, price, transportation and utility infrastructure, local business climate, community attractiveness and availability of quality labor force. Corporate Logistics specializes in finding perfect locations for its industrial business clients.

Site Selection From a Corporate Perspective

Corporate Logistics conducts site selection from the perspective of corporate decision makers. We begin by developing a thorough understanding of the client’s operations and objectives and then start to match needs with possible location opportunities. Included in our services are:
  • Comprehensive location studies, conducted nationwide, identifying optimum sites for new facilities.
  • Searches for existing facilities that meet client criteria.
  • Long-range development programs integrating facility requirements with other components of corporate planning.

Identifying Essential Search Criteria

Corporate Logistics can help identify essential geographic criteria that support a client’s business objectives. Afterwards, we use our unique resources to search for locations that offer the best match.
These include:

Plastics Distribution Center, Leominster, MA

North Pacific Group Lumber Transload,
N. Charlestown, NH
  • Computer capabilities for gathering and analyzing data and modeling operating conditions.
  • Database and library resources containing information essential to location decision making.
  • A network of professional contacts throughout North America who can provide firsthand updates of local business conditions.
Finding the Ideal Location

Once our criteria are established, Corporate Logistics begins a nationwide or region-wide scan for favorable conditions. Among the issues we address are:
  • Labor force: availability, quality, cost, work ethic, labor/management relations, and presence of critical skills.
  • Infrastructure: Siting buildings, transportation modes, utilities (energy, water, etc.), and telecommunications.
  • Local business climate issues: taxes, incentives, legislative/regulatory climate, and fiscal responsibility.
  • Community attractiveness: housing, schools, image, and presence of similar professionals.
Other Services:
Turn-Key Facilities   Design  -  Construction  -  Management
  • Feasibility studies; analysis of transportation requirements.
  • Site assessment:
      - Land acquisition.
      - Geotechnical investigations.
      - Zoning.
      - Planning issues.
      - Environmental impact statements.
      - Permits.
      - Public hearings.
  • Engineering design, plans and specifications.
  • Project financing:
      - Presentations to financial institutions and potential   stakeholders.
      - Identification of possible government funding   sources.
  • Agreements for construction or construction management.
  • Construction of facility.
  • Development of operations plan.
  • Facility operation and maintenance.
Construction/Operations Support    Serving Owners or Contractors

Contract Procurement
  • Development of RFP/RFQ.
  • Development and review of contract specifications.
  • Prequalification.
  • Bid Protests.
  • DBE issues. Extra Work Contract Claims
  • Analysis of contract ambiguities, site conditions, and methodology.
  • Documentation of claims and development of appropriate back-up.
  • Submission of claims; presentation at dispute review board, arbitration, or other forum.
  • Settlement negotiations.

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